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5 Tools To Help You Improve Your SEO

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5 Tools To Help You Improve Your SEO

Let’s take a look at 5 tools to help you improve your SEO. There are things you can do to help in addition to your great content.

As website owners who are interested in increasing our visibility in the search engines, we are always looking for creative ideas to helps us achieve our goals.

Obviously it starts with great content that delivers value to the people you are hoping to reach. However, there are things you can do behind the scenes within your website to help as well.

Examining 5 Tools To Help You Improve Your SEO

  1. Improve your cache – leverage a quality caching tool
  2. Minify your CSS & JS files to render your pages quickly
  3. Remove Query strings – leverage additional speed
  4. Photon – one of the components in JetPack
  5. Image Optimization – compress the size of larger files to ensure that they can be loaded and served up quickly.

While the above tools certainly are not the end-all to end all, they will put you on the right path to helping you achieve better rankings within Google.

Of course, you will want to focus on continuing on improving the structuring of your content as time moves forward. Putting all of the right ingredients into place to help you achieve a higher ranking.

Page Speed Hits The Mark

This was courtesy of a recent speed test that I performed on Pingdom. While, I would like to reduce my load time, overall I am satisfied with the results.

Part of anyone’s continual evaluation of their site’s performance, page speed should certainly play a vital role in those areas.

In another article that I wrote about improving your SEO scores, this goes to prove and justify why I love Divi.

FREE Google SEO Tools

So going beyond the 5 tools to help you improve your SEO, there are additional tools that can help you achieve a better ranking in Google.

A lot of people put a lot of time and effort in examining and trying to come up with the best search terms and phrases to use on their site.

While it is important to have a defined direction and path for your post or page, don’t get hung up on finding all of the right phrases.

However, if you are struggling, there are tools out there to help you see how your choice of keywords or LSI’s stack up with what people are looking for.

Making Your Search Terms Easy

Once I have come up with a relative search term I want to use in a post, I then go straight to the bottom of the page to see related search terms.

Then I may use some of the related search phrases to incorporate into my post to compliment my primary focus.

By taking some of the search suggestions and incorporating them into H2 tags and throughout your content in conjunction with your primary search phrase, you should see a major improvement.

What Are Alt Tags

You here people through the SEO community making reference to Alt tags. These are essential pieces of structured data that provide your images with info for the search bots.

If you merely place an image in your post or page without an Alt tag, the search engine doesn’t really know what it is.

By placing an Alt tag, you help the search bots identify it as an image and how it relates to your content. In addition, people who may be visually impaired will then know what the image was supposed to be.

In closing, I hope this helps to bring a little more insights to some a few things that you can do to continue to improve upon your search engine optimization processes.




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