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Category: Design

responsive website design

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is something that is at the focal point of all web designers and developers these days. As Google is on the move and increasing their push on responsive website designs, let’s take a moment on how to ensure that your site looks amazing across a multitude of devices. Let’s examine one simple plugin that will take your site to the next level.

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using the Divi builder for blog posts

Using The Divi Builder For Blog Posts

Let’s take a look at using the Divi builder for blog posts. Are there ways to ensure that your articles look exactly the way you designed them without AMP interfering with the final outcome? You bet there is! We will examine and take a look at a plugin that will allow you to override your AMP global settings to ensure that your posts achieve the appearance you are looking for.

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Flat Web Design

Flat Web Design

Flat web design took the Internet by storm. While still an extremely popular design element, where is the future of the popular design heading. Only time will tell if it remains or if something more dynamic will become its replacement.

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CSS Hero

CSS Hero

Are you looking for a better way to control your CSS in your Divi based website design? There is a solution. Let me introduce you to the CSS Hero editor. If you thought page builders were amazing, wait until you see this amazing giant in action.

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mastering Divi

Mastering Divi

Like a wild stallion out of the gates, we are going to be examining mastering Divi. Who has the best tools? Where do you find the best child themes? Who has some of the craziest Divi tuts available? Frequent questions we all see. Now there are answers.

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creating website wireframes

Creating Website Wireframes

Creating website wireframes is something that anyone should take into consideration when planning out the various components that will go into any website design. Let’s take a moment together to examine why this should be a part of any effective website planning strategy.

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