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Category: Website Design

mobile first web design

Mobile First Web Design

Examining Google’s approach to mobile first web design. What are some things that we can perform to better ensure that our site’s are compliant with the expectations of Google to ensure we are favorable in their eyes. Take time to reach my article and some of the tips I am providing to assist you with to ensure your site is mobile friendly.

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returning to Divi

Returning To Divi

Every now and then a designer always thinks about jumping ship on a framework or theme. I did and wish that I wasn’t so quick to jump. This is my story of why I am returning to Divi as my preferred choice of a quality theme and page builder to deliver amazing and creative results to my clients.

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using the Divi builder for blog posts

Using The Divi Builder For Blog Posts

Let’s take a look at using the Divi builder for blog posts. Are there ways to ensure that your articles look exactly the way you designed them without AMP interfering with the final outcome? You bet there is! We will examine and take a look at a plugin that will allow you to override your AMP global settings to ensure that your posts achieve the appearance you are looking for.

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Oxygen Theme App

Oxygen Theme App

Recently I came across a new theme call Oxygen Theme App. This appears to be a total framework to build both simplistic as well as complex websites to a variety of clients. Having just seen this, I will be closely watching this to see how this becomes a major game player in the website design and development arena. While I still lean towards Divi, this may become a part of my arsenal to deliver a new type of project for specific clients.

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