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Effective Content Strategy

Effective Content Strategy

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Creating An Effective Content Strategy

There is a wide variety of amazing websites on the Internet today. However, what we seem missing on a many of them is an effective content strategy in place. Everyone wants to rank well in the search engines, but they seem to forget it is going to take amazing content to get them to their desire levels.

When you start any new website design project, the first thing that should be discussed is creating and maintaining an effective content strategy. Furthermore, you will want to discuss the frequency of your content and how to funnel it out to various networks.

A little time spent on keyword research will take you to new heights. Too many times, we see individuals and businesses alike spending time merely focusing on their main site content. What seems to be missing is the ability to keep that goal going by focusing on additional content that will be delivered on a scheduled basis.

Take a look at the article below for additional information on effective tools to help you create and deliver your content.

The 3 Most Effective (And Overlooked) Content Curation Strategies


Additional Things To Consider For Your Effective Content Strategy

By far, the primary issue that our agency deals with when working with our clients, is to convey the importance of ongoing content. They are so stuck on merely ranking well for their static pages. However, they fail to realize it is going to take ongoing content to help them maintain the relevancy and rankings within the major search engines.

We like to refer a term to them that goes “here today and gone tomorrow.” We see it all the time. People that you can tell have spent a great deal of time ranking their static pages for the web. Then when you go back for a visit months down the road, there is no content being delivered through their ability to create and deliver ongoing content.

It’s an easy item to explain, however, oftentimes clients are not going to hear what is coming out of our mouths next. “Where is your ongoing content?”

Trust me, I fully understand what it was like for myself when I first started out in business for myself providing amazing website designs. Trying to work on my site’s content, develop an effective SEO plan, developing client contracts and the list goes on. Most anyone who is an entrepreneur understands this. As our agency grew, it became apparent that in order to maintain any kind of traffic, we were going to have to develop and maintain ongoing content.

I understand that there may be times when you feel you are tapped out in coming up with creative content that someone else has already done. Stop right there! It’s okay to take someone else’s content and put a spin on it. Now I am not suggesting by any means infringing upon someones content. What I am suggesting is that you take that idea and spin it into a different direction.

When coming up with an effective content strategy, you must understand that not everyone will read an article the same way, nor will they understand the point that is trying to be conveyed. Maybe by explaining something a different way, you can hit the mark with the next person who reads your article and provide a workable solution that delivers the results it was they have been looking for.

Effective Content Strategy – What’s Your Business Worth To You?

Everyone wants to rank well. Having an effective content strategy will help put you on the right path. Let’s examine one additional factor that is essential. It’s a question that I ask every client our agency takes on when they begin indicating they just don’t have time to provide additional content. The question we ask is “What’s your business worth to you?

If your business is of any importance, then keep your rankings on the search engines should be of utmost importance to you. This means that you are going to need to continue to deliver amazing content. Without it, you will find yourself slipping to the wayside. Because you can almost bet that someone out there who is in a business model close to yours will deliver ongoing content.

While that may seem to come across as a little harsh and on the border of crass, but it is the plain truth. Anyone who tells you anything different, obviously has not been in the game of content delivery for any length of time.

Working With Content Providers For Your Site

There are alternatives to being able to maintain an effective content strategy for those who may not be able to write and prepare the content themselves. There are plenty of individuals and businesses out there who are experts in a wide variety of fields.

They can provide you with ongoing content that is relevant to your business or niche. Some charge per article and others charge by the word. Take a look below for individuals who can assist you with ongoing content.

You can look into securing a professional content writer here.

Re-purpose Your Existing Content

Another area we see people struggling with is learning how to take their existing content strategy and re-purpose it for other areas. It’s truly a matter of how you put the spin onto it. It truly is a gift to take content and put a twist onto it for using it again, however, if done correctly, you will see a vast improvement on how well your site is ranking.

Establishing Quality Link backs

I’ve addressed this aspect in several of the articles I have put together dealing with effective Search Engine Optimization strategies. Start working on relationships with other people or businesses who have an online presence and begin sharing valuable articles and information with one another to place online. You will want to secure those relationships with sites that have a large audience base.

Site’s who already hold a higher level of credibility online will deliver phenomenal results to your information being submitted as they are already ranking higher. Remember when I explained that having a couple of site’s that have thousands of daily hits will go further in delivering the link juice that will help elevate your online efforts.

Using Content Curation As An Option

What exactly is content curation? Contact curation is the process of obtaining and gathering curated content. These services can be utilized by both individuals as well as businesses.

Not everyone is going to have the abilities and oftentimes the time it takes to create dynamic content that will provide relevancy as well as credibility to your online presence. You certain may want to take a look into utilizing a content curation service to help provide additional content to your site. Furthermore, you should be able to find a content curation service who specializes in the type of content that will be relevant to your site’s niche and existing content.

In closing, it’s important that keep your content stream fresh and full on new and engaging content is not a matter of option. It is essential in the ongoing game of chess in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

For anyone who spends any amount of time searching for various things across the Internet, this should already be obvious. Have you ever searched for something and seen it at the top of the search results. Then maybe a week or two later you go back and search for the same thing and realize they are now on page 2 or even beyond of the results.

Why is this? It’s simple, it is because their competition understood the importance of continuing to deliver content and thus resulted in them being pushed further down the rankings. While it may seem like a vicious war of sorts, it is the world of the search beast that we live within.

Do You Have An Effective Content Strategy In Place?

Share with us what has or has not worked for you in delivering amazing content that has assisted you in gaining traction online. We’d certainly enjoy hearing about it.

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