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Freelance Agency Crossover

Freelance Agency Crossover

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Freelance Agency Crossover – Going At It Full Speed Ahead

At one point or another, anyone who has dreamed of owning their own business has experienced the struggles of making the freelance agency crossover. Let’s take a moment to experience some of those pain points and how to overcome them.

Any entrepreneur who is successful in business has experienced this at some point in time or another. Everything has to have a beginning. You start your business, you begin to experience growth, still working the regular full-time gig to pay the bills and grow your business adventure.

Needless to say, it’s more than a full-time job. For those who are starting the freelance agency crossover, I’m merely going to tell you to grab your bootstraps. Prepare for the ride of a lifetime.

38 Hours In A 24 Hour Day

You absolutely read that correctly. There are going to be plenty of long days ahead. I’m just going to dispel this from the beginning. The instant overnight success that you hear so much about on late night TV, just doesn’t exist. I love a good word of encouragement as the next person, however, when beginning the freelance agency crossover, there are certainly going to be some challenges that many people do not make you aware of.

So, I started in website design and development over 15 years ago. While we have been successful in our small boutique design agency, it hasn’t been quite enough to break free of the traditional 9-5. I Have to pay the bills and put food on the table.

The the flood gates begin to open and business begins to produce itself, yet I’m just not at the point I can release the usual 5-9 gig and further pursue the dreams you I have to grow new growing business. Sadly, this is only due to insurance reasons more so than financial ones.

Filling All The Shoes – Freelance Agency Crossover

You guessed it. You’re the brains behind the force. You’re the publisher, editor, billing expert, graphics artist, security whiz kid and a whole host of other roles. Many times these roles will cross boundaries and in the web of circumstances begins to unfold itself. This is where many people experience the burn-out period of beginning a new start-up.

I wish there was an easy solution I could offer up to you, however, there isn’t. It’s really a matter of how bad to you want to be successful and how much energy you are willing to invest. But I can tell you this. It will not happen by wishing for it. It takes proactive steps to be in place and a concrete plan to help you achieve them.

As a part of your freelance agency crossover, you will need to identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Being able to place these into their proper places will help you better define the areas that you need to place a greater level of priority on.

Develop A Partnership With A Successful Mentor

It’s just like when we were kids growing up. You remember, you had the desire to be this big time major league all-star. It’s an awesome dream for any kid to have. But it doesn’t just fall into your lap. And usually the vast majority of us are not natural-born athletes.

This means that our skills have to be honed in and refined. So how does that happen? Simple! You had a coach who was able to provide you with their technical know-how to get you started in the right direction. Then with practice upon practice, you more than likely were able to start to see improved results. I can remember years ago when I was even thinking of starting my own agency, someone told me that If I wanted to be successful, then I needed to have someone who was successful to provide me their insights and skills.

Of course, this means finding the right person you can mesh with. Not everyone is going to be a natural fit for you. Look, we all would like to have a powerhouse in the pocket like Michael Hyatt or the powerful dynamics of Tony Robbins.

However, there are several others out there than you can tap into their inner sanctum to begin pulling from their resources. I mean truly get in their and pick their minds. Find out what has worked for them and what hasn’t. Needless to say, it’s vitally important to realize that since each of us are human beings, not everything that works for one person will work for another. It’s a matter of testing the waters and finding out what works. If it doesn’t, sit it aside. It may come in valuable further down the road.

Setting The Stage For Your Freelance Agency Crossover

If you have place all the right elements into play, is the stage you are preparing to release your success onto prepared to handle the level of success you are desiring? I know that sounds a bit bizarre, however, there’s a whole lot of truth in that.

Preparing  your stage for your success will play a vital role in your growth and success. Same goes with how you are set up to deal with any setbacks. Success is a compilation of both awesome achievements and setbacks that will have you wondering why you ever started down this road.

I Feel Like I’m Failing

Stinkin’ thinkin’ – it’s an old expression that someone I highly respect used to tell me over and over again. If you think you’re a failure, well you’re probably going to fail. Success is a mindset. Ask any of the powerhouses within a variety of fields how they achieved success and was able to maintain their personal quest to achieve it. I guarantee you it wasn’t merely based upon luck.

Success is not determined by your looks, by your popularity, your social status or anything else you can bring into the equation. Success is determined in how much you are willing to place into it and stay the course of action that you and your success coach may have worked out together.

I’m going to use the first time I every wanted to start a podcast. I can remember all of the reasons I was telling myself as to why I couldn’t.

There’s too many people in the field I’m interested in. I don’t have the right equipment. I don’t think my voice sounds very good. What if I make mistakes?

Believe me, I had plenty of defeatist lists going on. Then I launched. Guess what? It was successful. Now what am I going to do? Simple! Carry on….

I have developed, produced, and had top-rated podcasts available to listen to. Some have been huge successes, a few have been a complete washout. It doesn’t matter which direction things go, it’s a matter of whether you decide to try. Success doesn’t happen by sitting back and wishing for it. It’s about taking the challenge by the horns and doing whatever is necessary to achieve your vision.

Designing Your Success

Just like an artist uses the right colors to deliver a masterpiece, the same will apply to you. You will want to start with a blank canvas and begin bringing in elements a little at a time. Find out what works for you, then begin the process of refining those to truly assist you during your freelance agency crossover.

Some may achieve immediate results from their efforts, as where others may seem like it’s an uphill battle. Does that mean that you can’t be successful just because you are running into a few uphill struggles along your path? Absolutely not! In fact, often times an individual who has experienced a little struggle along the way will be more successful, as they know what not to do in future endeavors.

But even if you use the wrong colors on your success canvas, you can erase them and start over. That’s only a part of the wonderful thing of designing your success during a freelance agency crossover.

Keeping The Vision

Success should be defined as “one’s ability to envision a clear path to success.” Tied into keeping the vision is your ability to keep those at bay who may attempt to cloud your vision or squelch your dreams. Not everyone is going to see things in the same light as you do. This would especially be true for those who have spouses who may be sitting on the fence in regards to your dreams.

Many times these can be overcome by providing them with re-assurance to their security. This gets back to paying the bills and being able to survive. I can tell you that as long as you stay the course, you can experience your dreams come to life. It may take a couple of years, but with the right mindset and the persistence to stay the course, you will achieve the level of success you dream of.

So have you recently made the transition between a standard 9 to 5 gig and broken off into your own freelance design agency? We’d love to hear how you achieved your level of success as well as any stumbling blocks along the way you experienced.



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