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Getting The Big Picture – The Insider’s Story

Getting The Big Picture – The Insider’s Story

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Many people may know someone who is either a website designer or someone who is an employee with an agency that develops amazing websites for their clients.

What many people do not have the opportunity of experiencing is getting the big picture – the insider’s story of what makes a web developer tick and how they deal with the everyday struggles of either working for an agency, or being an entrepreneur and running their own agency.

It Goes Deeper Than The Pixels

When you get to know anyone who has the creative mindset such as a website developer, you will quickly learn that it usually revolves around pixels.

A pixel is a tiny piece of any image that comprises the entire visual display you see. Okay, let’s not dive off into getting to geeky on that element.

Most developers and designers that I know outside of my agency are extremely energetic and are always looking for the next big thing to hit the Internet. Whether that be in dealing with UX/UI design, mobile deployment, social networking integration and the list could go on for literally days just in regards to that.

It’s almost like awakening a sleeping giant. Once a creative website designer gets that magical “Ah Hah” moment, look out because the web is fixing to explode with an immersive creation that will take the Internet by storm.

But Wait, The Creativeness Has Stopped

What on earth could ever stop a website developer or an employee of an agency from creating new and amazing things? It’s fairly simple and nearly anyone who has been in this business for any length of time will share with you what it is like to experience both creative and Internet burnout.

Looking Deeper Into Getting The Big Picture – The Insider’s Story

Being emotionally drained has to be one of the biggest factors into why many developers seem to go into a state of withdrawal.

As a developer or designer, you place so much energy into your client’s project that you literally exhaust your emotional resources. Then, the bottom drops out and you begin removing yourself from further development and design projects.

In the WordPress community, the suicide rate is at an all-time high. WordPress is the platform by which many developers utilize to produce high-end website designs and applications.

You may be asking yourself how one can get to a point of thinking of ending their life as a website developer?

It’s actually fairly simple. You’ve literally place so much of your time, emotions and resources into any given project that you become distant and withdrawn from those who should be the most important in your life as well as what should be the most important part of your life.

Stepping Back To Re-Evaluate

Sometimes this is something that must be done. As we continue on with getting the big picture – the insider’s story, we must begin to learn how to save ourselves from our own demise.

While the focus of this article is focused on the creative minds that design and develop amazing websites, this truly can be applied to anyone who either has their own business or thinking of entering into the entrepreneurial world.

Furthermore, besides re-evaluating, it’s important to put your life back into perspective.

Focusing On What Is Important

Getting The Big Picture - The Insiders Story

If you’ll examine my chosen image closely, you’ll notice that the camera body has no lens on it. Imagine how hard it will be to take eye capturing moments without any lens to be able to focus on the central point of what it is you’re trying to capture.

I would venture to say that you’re going to end up with a blurry image at best, and thats if the camera will actually capture it at all.

Have Faith

Putting it all into perspective, it really does begin here. Having faith in Jesus Christ to help keep you grounded and rooted in what you are trying to achieve is crucial.

I don’t want to get off onto a tangent about faith and peoples individual beliefs, however, connecting with whomever you claim to be the epicenter of your higher power is absolutely essential if you’re going to keep your focus clear and on the straight and narrow.

Does this mean that there won’t be challenges or trying times? That couldn’t be further from the truth. But what it does mean, is that when it becomes challenging, you have someone to turn to for guidance and prayer.

The Family Connection

Most everyone has one, and if yours is any kind of family, they are the very ones who should be your very own personal cheering section.

For me personally, that would have to fall back on my wife and my mother and father-in-law. They have always been my personal cheering section. However, just as with anything else in life, there are going to be times when things are not going just as planned.

This is truly the time when your personal cheering section comes into play.

Equally, and if not more, important is not forgetting that you have one when things are rocking and truly going the way you want. Be willing to share not only your failures with them, but make them a part of the success celebration when you sign a contract for a new client. Remember, without their support, it would be up to you!

Moving Past Any Failures

It’s almost inevitable that they are going to happen in any aspect of business, regardless of the nature of the business. The question is whether or not you have the goods to pick yourself up and dust yourself off to keep pressing forward.

For anyone who has ever endured a major set-back in their business, it’s not about falling down, it’s about whether you choose to lay there and do nothing about it, or are you willing to put some bandaids on and keep moving forward?

Sure it can certainly be challenging at times, but you must be willing to examine the end goal and what it means for you, your business, and more importantly your family.

Turn Off The Distractions

Furthermore, one of the biggest winning decisions I have made in my personal business, is to turn off the distractions that can become overwhelming to say the least.

Where does the biggest distraction come into play? You guessed it! It comes from that device that you frequently hold in the palm of your hands called your cell phone.

We’re all guilty of it, frequently checking the socials for new notifications, sending a test message, or even composing an email. All which may have absolutely nothing to do with the current project you are working on.

To be quite hones, I have turned my cellular data off on my device and it has to be one of the most liberating things I have done. No more worrying about checking my screen for updates or notifications. You can even implement parental controls on your device if you so choose to help you curve the craving to be tempted to reach down and pull it out and check things.

While you’re thinking this may sound a bit juvenile, I can assure you that if you are finding it hard to set that device to the side, then you may want your significant other to place a password on accessing your apps that drain your time.

Once you have retrained yourself and become more focused on the tasks that are in front of you, then you can take them off as the temptation to mess with it will grow less.

Well, I hope that some of the content contained within this article has resonated with you and that you are beginning about the ways that you can make changes in your personal business, and quite possibly put yourself onto an entirely new tract.

Let me know what you are doing and how you plan and changing directions in your personal business model. I would love to read your responses.

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