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Going Beyond A Static Website Design

Going Beyond A Static Website Design

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Going Beyond A Static Website Design

Trying to get clients to understand that they need to focus on going beyond a static website design can be more than challenging to say the very least.

As a freelance agency, trying to convince your smaller customers who struggle in providing their main content that they will need to continue to provide quality content on a regular basis can be challenging.

It’s a conversation that I find myself having over and over again. People focus on trying to SEO their site on content that doesn’t even exists.

We’ve all had our fare share of those types of clients. You know, the ones who want to rank #1 Google with non-existing content.

Trying to get some people to realize what quality content is and how frequently it needs to be delivered from their site can be a challenge at times.

No matter how well you explain it, it’s almost like you feel as though you are getting the “deer in the headlights” look. I’ve spent hours upon hours in giving illustrations of various types of content that can be share, yet it still seems to be the endless battle I struggle with.

Making Your Website Design Shine

Believe it or not, it goes well above and beyond adding a few colorful images or videos to truly make your website design stand out from others.

It’s goes into an area that many don’t want to focus on ad nauseam. It’s about putting together timely quality content that drives people to your site.

Keep in mind that someone landed upon your site by either a referral from a link or some other source. Now they have landed there, are you going to be the one who provides them with what it is they came searching for?

Of course if you are close to where our agency is located, you have the benefit of having someone in the corner who already understands your niche market.

Going beyond a static website design and providing tangible content ensures that you site will stay on top of your competitors.

However, it’s not always about staying in the top of the search engines, although it’s nice, it’s resting comfortably in knowing that you are delivering the type of content that delivers answers to your site’s visitors.

Smashing The Social Media World With A Quality Website Design

While I am focusing this discussion on delivering ongoing content, let’s take a look at integrating that content into your social networking sites.

I’m just going to let you know that I get absolutely infuriated when I get clients who come to me and indicate that someone told them they had to be on every social network.


First, if you are struggling in creating ongoing content to drip out from your site, exactly how is it that you think you are going to be able to keep up with all the various social networking sites that exist?

Pick one, or a maximum of two. Trust me, if you are interacting with anyone who is corresponding with you on those networks, you will have your hands full just with that.

Here’s where so many people who have an online presence are missing the online success boat.

People start interacting with them on their social networking sites from content that was published to it from their site, yet the site owner themselves never say a word.

Instant turn-off! Trust me, people actually pay attention to how you interact with them through however it is that they are interacting with you on. I know if I take time to leave a comment on a post, video, or any other form of media, at the very least I expect a “thank you.”

I see a lot of amazing website designs across the Internet, they truly catch the eye. Then when I begin to dig in a take a deeper look, the additional content that I am looking for is sorely missing.

If you truly want to see a noteworthy example of what I am referring to when it comes to delivering ongoing content, you may want to check out one of my dear friend’s website.

I can see Geno producing content several times throughout the week. I know he is more than busy trying to run a successful website design agency, participate in a podcast, as well as respond to various peoples questions and comments withing various groups on Facebook.

However, it is one of the most noteworthy examples of exactly what I am referring to when it comes to delivering that quality ongoing content.

Getting Beyond The Writer’s Block – Don’t Let It Stop You

I promise you, no matter what niche or specialty you may be in, there is going to come a time when you are going to struggle in finding something worthy to write about.

It happens to the very best in the Internet industry. You just have to press on and keep pressing forward in to deliver amazing content on your website.

I probably spend as much time reading articles, listening to a variety of podcasts, or watching video tutorial’s that provide me with inspiration on new and creative things I can do on my website design clients sites.

Then I bring this back into my replay memory bank and put it to paper, or the post as goes in most situations. Not copying anything, just seeking out ideas that keep me moving forward.

Can’t Write- Well Go Ahead And Speak It

What? No writing after I just got through going on a tangent about the necessity of quality content? Podcasting has become the new radio.

More and more people consume podcasts that you can count. Great thing about podcasting, is it doesn’t take a large outlay of cash to get started.

You can start small and provide quick little nuggets of audio about your business, goods, or services or whatever area you specialize in. I’m even thinking of ditching my previous podcast and firing up a new one.

Since there are so many people who are focusing on WordPress, Divi, and plugins I believe I am going to go more into the coaching aspect of running online businesses.

Just thinking out loud on that notion. However, that is exactly why my podcast has been in somewhat of a hiatus. Not to mention the fact that we recently moved our agency’s location to our new spot.

How do you see yourself going beyond a static website design and taking the fundamentals of ongoing content into a new direction?

We encourage you to share your thoughts with us. It’s the one great thing about this business, is the ability of amazing professionals coming together for the betterment of each other and the entire community of website design agencies across the world.


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