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Improving Your SEO Using Divi

Improving Your SEO Using Divi

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Improving Your SEO Using Divi

Improving your SEO using Divi isn’t complicated by any means. There are several things you can do to assist you in increasing your search engine visibility using one of the most powerful themes available today.

Recently, some of my amazing friends on Divi Chat recently released their weekly podcast that addresses improving your SEO. They covered several topics within a topic that is oftentimes difficult to wrap your head around. Of course, with Google changing their algorithms continually, it’s an ongoing process.

Examining Divi’s SEO Options – Taking It A Step Further

Many people when configuring Divi and all the settings within it often times overlook the additional steps you can set within it to help with your SEO.

See the illustration below.

additional Divi SEO settings in Divi

So in addition to Yoast’s SEO Plugin, you can set additional options within Divi itself to further help you establish your search rankings.

Don’t Get Stuck On Schematics – It’s Easier Than You Think

Each of us who have been developing and designing websites for any length of time have done it. We spend all of our energy focusing on ensuring every aspect of our SEO processes were in place.

While this is a good practice in general, the one area where people often miss the boat is in the content itself. My amazing friend Geno Quiroz brought this to light in the podcast from Divi Chat.

For those who are using SEO by Yoast can get hung up on making sure you have all “Green Lights” before publishing a page or post to their website. Improving your SEO using Divi isn’t always about the perfect score per Yoast, but rather the quality of the content that you are delivering.

Best Divi SEO Options

Besides setting up your basic SEO elements with Divi, it really starts with something very simple. Content! How many of you have ever listened to any of my podcast? You will always hear me make reference to quality content.

Quality content that delivers amazing SEO results doesn’t always have to take on the life of what Yoast may recommend. Sure, I strive to achieve somewhat acceptable SEO recommendations as made by the plugin, but I’m not going to make it a make it or break it situation.

Improving Your SEO Using Divi – Additional Things To Focus Upon

So what are some other areas that you can take advantage of to help improve your SEO rankings using the power of Divi?

Actually, they are pretty straight forward and simple to achieve but usually get overlooked. Take a look a few of the recommendations below to improving your SEO using Divi that I recommend.

  1. Decrease your image sizes to ensure they load quickly ( you can use Picmonkey to help you with this )
  2. Include useful information that lends additional weight to your post ( links from other sites ) develop a relationship with others to help return the favor.
  3. Take advantages of free resources to help your images load quicker and reduce stress on your web hosting server ( Jetpack – Photon ) is simply amazing.
  4. Utilize a quality caching plugin to help increase your page and post load times. (The quicker they can get to your information, the longer they stay)
  5. Utilize variables of your desired focus keyword. Remember, it’s not always necessary to use a specific keyword 20 times to achieve a great ranking for your post.
  6. Make your content relevant. Once people see the quality of your content, they’ll come back for more.
  7. Video’s. If you haven’t figured out, YouTube is a Google entity. Having video’s in your post will drive oodles of traffic. Even better if they are your own coming from your YouTube Channel.
  8. Minify your CSS and JS files. There are several quality plugins that will assist you with this.

These are a few things that I truly focus on when compiling a post. Certainly not a comprehensive list, but things that will assist in your overall SEO rankings using Divi.

Is Divi’s Theme SEO Friendly – It Couldn’t Get Any Easier

The amazing development team of Elegant Themes have gone out of their way to put together a comprehensive theme to deliver amazing content.

While there are additional things you can do within it to help reduce the amount of scripts that load, by far this is one of the easiest themes I’ve used.

In the end, improving your SEO using Divi is about the amount of work you are willing to do to ensure that each part of your content stacks up correctly.

There are several tools out there where you can learn more about refining your SEO techniques and tactics.

Just be sure that you are following industry standards and not putting yourself into a position to be punished by Google.

Get busy today starting to re-evaluating your content and see what you can do to make improvements to increase your search engine rankings.






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