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Increasing Your Search Visibility

Increasing Your Search Visibility

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Let’s take a deep look into ways you can begin to assist you with increasing your search visibility.

Anyone who has ever talked with me, or paid any slightest attention to my content, you will always hear me say or read “Content is King.”

Beginning with quality content that is planned specifically around what it is you intend for people searching to find you by, should be the very epicenter of your content planning.

Increasing Your Search Visibility – It’s More Than Keywords

If you have ever spoken with anyone who deals directly with online marketing of one form or another, more than likely you have heard them talk about the necessity of properly placed “keywords” that have been strategically placed upon your site.

Furthermore, you’ve heard them talk about such phrases as “Google Tags,” “Schema Markup,” “Image Optimization,” and other techie phrases.

While we all have pretty much settled into the fact that nearly all of our searches are performed by using Google, let’s not forget that there is still that small segment of individuals who still prefer using Bing or other alternative search engines.

However, most of the other search engines have adopted their website crawlers to sniff out content in the same fashion that Google does. That being said, if your site is optimized for Google with all things taken into consideration, chances are you should be okay on the others.

Tools To Help You Rank Higher

Some time ago I had written an article talking about “5 tools to help you improve your SEO,” however, even since the writing of this article things have dramatically changed. You can see the difference in the image located below, which was just captured just before the creation of this post.

increasing your search visibility

As you can see from the image on that site that was of my page speed test provided by GT Metrix, I have made several enhancements to help me with my speed and size of the overall load.

I can assure you that starting to add things to help you truly optimize your site that goes beyond that traditional SEO focus, is not for the faint-hearted and may even cause you to capture a few more grey hairs than you intended upon.

While there isn’t a huge difference, the areas I was focusing upon was the load time, which only dropped by a fraction and the number of requests that are being made.

The question for this aspect of the process is whether this is a theme related issue, or is it the page builder which I am utilizing? Of course, you can go nearly anywhere on the Internet and see several ongoing arguments that are directly related to these topics.

AMP It Up Or Not?

There certainly has been a great deal of controversy over this little monster known as Accelerated Mobile Pages and whether or not to implement them upon your website.

While I can see what the divine purpose was intended to be in ensuring that those who are viewing your content from their mobile devices are getting it loaded up as quickly as possible, is it really the website that is determining this?

Sure there are certain things that you want to be following as you begin focusing on increasing your search visibility. A lightweight theme, a hosting provider who understands WordPress, optimized images that are both compressed and served up for the newest standard of WebP and a host of other elements.

However, when you begin using AMP on your website, you begin to lose certain features that you may have created for your particular blog post. Whether that be a custom call-to-action in the middle of your article, videos, unique layouts for custom post types and other related issues along the way.

This is where my frustration with AMP comes into play. Furthermore my ongoing irritation with Google.

There are just some areas where I feel Google should lay back on. Let’s not forget that having a bad mobile provider and being in weak locations certainly play a huge factor in deciding how quickly any content is loaded on any mobile device.

Who Remembers Mobilegeddon?

If you have been developing or designing WordPress based websites for any length of time, most of you will be familiar with the term that was flying around that was being referred to mobilegeddon. It was the dreaded fear that Google was implementing within the minds of nearly anyone who was paying any sort of attention.

While I certainly try to optimize both my agency website for Google, I am not going to cause my brain to go into hyper-meltdown with every single change in techniques that comes from the desks of their developers.

Most WordPress themes are already optimized for the mobile web, and if people are taking time to implement the standards across the board in the design process, you are almost going to make it to your destination on the vast pages of what we know as Google Search Results.

Increasing Your Search Visibility Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

At the end of the day, increasing your search visibility was never intended to be such a mind-bending event.

All that is required is a little more thought into the overall content that you are displaying and ensuring that is using the best optimization practices across the board.

A World Without Google

While that is absolutely a hard concept to imagine, however, give a whirl. Can you imagine what the Internet may or may not be like without large entities such as Google trying to play God in how content is delivered across the Internet?

Sure we all have come to appreciate some of the cool gadgets and gizmos that Google has brought along with the familiar brand.

But I think it is important to remember that bigger entities have fallen from the Internet graces.

Big tech comes and goes, and even the tech Giant Google is smart enough to recognize that nobody is free from the possibility of becoming a thing of the past.

I mean who remembers MySpace? Back in the day, everyone thought that they would never have disappeared off of the map, then came along FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media players.

And just in the event that Google ever did disappear and no longer be in control of how our content is delivered to the world, what or who would be in control then?

What things are you doing on your website to help increase your visibility across the Internet?

Share them with us and our team, we’d sure love to hear about them.

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