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Lack of Self-Confidence

Lack of Self-Confidence

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Is Your Lack of Self-Confidence Holding You Back?

I think this is something that each of us should take time to examine closely as to whether or not we suffer from a lack of self-confidence and how it may be holding us back from being able to achieve more. Whether you are the CEO of a successful agency, a solopreneur, or someone who is looking to get started into the business of website development and design, each of us must take a look at elements that could possibly be holding us back from pressing through to the next level of greatness for our businesses.

While experiencing a lack of self-confidence can at times hold us back from being able to achieve what we were meant too, it isn’t always a bad thing. If any of us would take time to sit back, isolate yourself away from your business and look deep into your personal life, there very well may be some things that are hindering you from making it to the next step.

I’m going to use myself as the ultimate guinea pig for the scope of this conversation. Almost two months ago I suffered a sizeable stroke, which caused me temporary paralysis of my right side, and most certainly my speech. I am still struggling with my speech today as of the writing of this post. Without causing anyone to be offended, to hear me speak sounds as though you were talking with someone who had a severe speech impediment from birth, or that I never had any formal speech classes growing up through school.

Becoming A Prisoner To My Lack Of Self-Confidence

Needless to say, having a severe speech impediment to the level that I do has caused me to slump into a state of depression. Talk about taking the sail out of your winds. I have gone from a moderately successful solopreneur to a slumbering starving artist at best overnight.

Not being able to effectively communicate with potential business prospects has nearly taken my business off of the map. Now I am in a state of panic trying to reassemble my business model and what needs to happen pressing forward. Do I need to tell you that it would be easy for me to throw in the towel at this very moment? It would be more than easy for me to just throw in the towel and call it quits. However, I have never been the quitting type and I am not about to start at this age of my life.

In just a few days I will be turning 52! If there was a point in my life I could honestly say that I am in the midst of a meltdown or mid-life crisis, this certainly qualifies as one of those times.

By now you may be asking yourself “Greg, what does this have to do with me and my business?” Simple, all of us at one point or another have a tendency to hold the growth of ourselves or our business back based on either fears or unanswered questions. The question is whether or not we choose to allow those fears to dictate the outcome and successful growth and financial gain to our businesses.

A lack of self-confidence can be caused by a multitude of things whether we think of them consciously or not! Such things as depression, anger, bitterness, personal appearance, our spiritual state of health, and the list could go on with a variety of elements that lurk in the back of our inner brain.

What happens is we tend to focus and dwell on those things, thus wearing us down and the results are seen in the lack of growth not only in our business models but that of ourselves as well. Before you know it, if not caught and taken under control, the world around you begins to spin apart right before your very eyes.

Kicking It Into The Next Gear – Taking Control Of Your Self-Confidence

I’m going to have to make reference to someone who I choose to call a friend. Although we have only chatted a few times via Skype or over the phone, I feel a personal connection to him. His name is Geno Quiroz. Most of you know him from his personal appearance on Elegant Themes spotlight video of how Divi changed his life.

While Geno is highly successful in his personal business, I know that like myself he has been struggling with his weight. Geno, being the achiever that he is, took matters into hand and found a rock-solid plan that has put his life on a healthier track. From reading his personal posts, it’s more than evident that he is feeling better, and thus having a greater impact on his business.

When we feel good about ourselves, our health is in check, we have a clear focus on where we want our business to be, then we can begin to see slow incremental growth spurts in our business.

Everyone has heard of the old saying “Rome wasn’t built overnight.” There’s a lot of truth to that. While some of us may have seen great business growth early on, may now be slowing down and wondering why. It’s not like we are doing anything differently than when we first began or is it?

Do you want to hear something amazing? Wait for it…..

Wait a little more….

What do you hear? If you are perfectly still and there is nothing going on around you, you should have heard nothing. There are times when hearing nothing is a good thing in our lives. We become so inundated with the ongoing chatter around us of what we need to do to be more successful, the latest trends, or trying to keep up with your competing agencies.

It’s okay to stop and take time to just breathe! A few crickets here and there will go a long way in easing your mind and sometimes just going into what my wife refers to as my “Nothing Box.” is okay.

While I would be hard-pressed to say that it takes a great deal for me to actually get there, once I have arrived, I have to fight to come back out into reality and play. Is there a reason why we don’t want to come back out of our safe spot? Absolutely! It is our bodies way of telling us that we need to take a recess if you will and give our minds a break.

Going and going without giving your body and mind time to rest is a sure-fire way to find yourself becoming overwhelmed with what is going on around you, thus more than likely find yourself battling with a lack of self-confidence.

While there are some who may think this will never happen to you, I know there are those who may read this that it already has. Suffering from a lack of self-confidence isn’t always a bad thing. What you need to do is to focus in on how to harness the proper resources to help put you on the right path to emotional recovery and regain the true love and passion for what drove you to get into your present business as it stands.

When it is no longer fun or engaging, that is a clear tall tale sign that something is about to go amuck in your life. You can write that down and deposit it into your bank as it will yield interest on that statement alone. It’s best to capture it in its infancy, rather than allowing it to fester and having catastrophic results in your personal life or business.

So what does my life hold for me and my business in the future? At least I have functional use of my body as far as it goes. Obviously, my speech is way behind in catching up in the recovery process. While I am actively involved in a heavy regiment of speech therapy, I may be facing the brutal reality that this may be as good as my voice will ever be. Then again, there is always that possibility that my voice will return after a period of time. This is for God to determine and take control of. I am merely an eager participant in this thing called life.

What’s more important, is that this traumatic event has forced me to truly re-think my business model, how I do business, and what does this mere time-lapse in my life hold for me?

There are no certainties in life. However, with God on my side and an extremely supportive family unit, I will continue to press on.

What have you experience in your life that has caused a setback in your personal business and how were you able to overcome it. I would love to hear about it and share thoughts with each of you! Please be kind and leave your comments below, so that we can engage in a proactive dialogue!


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