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Returning To Divi

Returning To Divi

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Returning To Divi – A Journey Of Trial & Error

Soon I will be returning to Divi as my primary choice of theme frameworks in which to develop my clients website designs.

Like so many, I become disheartened with Divi, as many of the updates that seem to promise so much only resulted in what I seen as a mega load of frustrating issues.

I guess you can compare me to the temperamental child who wasn’t getting their way immediately. However, there are times in our lives when we must execute a certain level of patience and understanding.

This is my story of that long and painful road as I am returning to Divi.

Why Returning To Divi Makes Sense – There’s More To The Story

Just like any other developer and designer, it is real easy to become tempted with all the eye candy that is presented by other themes, frameworks and a host of promised outcomes. Do I need to tell you how much money I spent on this misguided adventure?

So I went an tinkered with Beaver Builder and Elementor Pro and a host of costly addons that were promising me to be able to deliver amazing designs with little to no effort. Pfftt……

Just wasn’t happening!

Sure the other ones were pretty compelling in their initial review and product information videos. However, what they lacked was the community that exists like that of the Divi community.

No to mention that the other item’s that I had ventured into were frustrating me into oblivion. Sure any new item has a certain level of learning involved. Been down those roads many times before.

For anyone who has tinkered with Adobe Dreamweaver, back in the day, certainly is familiar with that side of the tracks. Nonetheless, being above average in my capabilities, I was sure that the others would be a snap to learn and begin a booming legacy of new possibilities.

That thought was more than incorrect and was certainly leading to nearly throwing my hands up into the air and giving it all up.

Returning To Divi – Creating A Legacy

Watch out, here comes big daddy! The one thing that has always been a priority in my life is to create a legacy for my children and family to have something to show for my utter chaotic behavior during the years of my being an independent designer.

Having nearly made a decision to vacate my business, during a rainy night, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

This quiet still voice came across me and softly within my head said “You’re like to prodigal son.” Wow, that was both traumatic and a true eye opener.

I thought but why is this? The answer was fairly clear and more than obvious. During my time using Divi to start delivering creative website designs to clients, I have had the opportunity of making come very incredible friends.

One of those who stick out in my mind the most is none other than the ever creative Mr. Geno Quiroz of Monterey Premier. Besides being a phenomenal teacher and developer himself, Geno exudes the type of person, designer, and friend that I hope to be someday soon!

Keeping On Tract – Patience Yields The Results

What is truly sad, had I merely just sat back and been more patient, the very things I was struggling with would have came with tangible results. Jumping ship, while seems like a way to take control, often time results in the loss of control and valuable time, as well as business.

Here I sat trying to master new things and not being as productive as what I should have been. Had I spent that same time on the re-design of my agency’s site, I would have been able to learn the amazing changes that were brought forth by the awesome team at Elegant Themes.

Don’t misunderstand me, there are some really cool features that I enjoyed from two of Divi’s leading competitors. However, what I soon realized, is that a mere passing of time and the theme I fell in love with, now is breaking in with those same item’s.

How many of you can recall your parents tell you as a child to “just be patient.” Back then, it was frustrating. Little did I realize that many of us still continue to struggle with this very issue well into our adult lives.

We have become so accustomed to instant gratification that we aren’t willing to sit back and “just wait.” Are you hearing me out there?

While there are still some things that I would love to see in both Divi as a theme, as well as the page builder, I am convinced that with both time and patient I will see them come into fruition.

Even though I have not written from my own site in a short minute, I have always held Divi and those whom I have met within the community close to my heart.

So gang, here comes a new and improved attitude and looking forward to seeing the new things I can create with time and patience using one of the most impressive themes I have laid my hands upon!

Now that is over, the only one thing I would love to see, is the ability to drop saved modules or other item’s directly into a blog post using nothing more than a shortcode without having to use the builder in the process!

Now that would be way rockin…..



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