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Taking Control Over Your Fear

Taking Control Over Your Fear

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Taking control over your fear may not be as challenging as you may be thinking.

Oftentimes, it can be rather rewarding if you are willing to accept the challenge of setting in place effective tools to help you along your way.

First, let’s take a look at what may cause a person to stay in the comfort zone of their fears.

But I’m Comfortable In My State Of Fear…

Believe it or not, there are those who seem to be quite comfortable staying within their boxes of fear. You may be asking yourself “why would anyone want to live in fear?”

Actually, it is rather simple. Staying within the confines of the fears that may be in your life doesn’t require that you take any necessary steps to break the chains of bondage that have been holding onto you.

While that may seem bizarre to comprehend, believe it or not, there are those who have become quite comfortable living within their personal collection of fears.

Each of us has items within our own personal lives that may cause some sense of fear throughout various times. Fears that may come from employment uncertainty, fears of our current financial status, fear from being willing to take leaps of faith, and the list could continue on forever.

The Power Of A Sound Mind

First, it is important to know that I and my entire team are believers in Jesus Christ.

Does this mean that any of us are free from being attacked with fear? Certainly not. But allow me to give you a Bible verse that brings me hope and strength when I do find myself fearing any given thing in this world.

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” —Luke 12:25

There is a lot of meat in that scripture, even as short as it appears.

Think about this for a second. Who of us is entitled to be fearful if we are a child of the King?

Makes perfect sense to me. How about you?

Clearing The Fog

Fear for many is like a heavy morning fog that seems to take all day long to clear away.

For those of us who have our own business, or are thinking of getting into business, the unknowns of any of this can alone be almost daunting.

Sometimes, you have to treat the cloud of fog (or fear) that overwhelms your life and treat it the same way that a Nascar driver does when there is an accident on the track in front of them.

The standard procedure when there is a cloud of smoke preventing them from seeing clearly in front of them is to pick a line and drive straight through it.

So What Is Fear?

Let’s take a look at one of the acronyms that are used by one of my business leaders and mentor. Fear is the false evidence of appearing real.

What saddens me is the fact that too many times, people often use their fears as an excuse mechanism in order not to attempt to push through them and be victorious in life.

Victory comes in a wide array of sizes and packages and can certainly vary from person to person.

God Made You To Be Victorious

How many of you have heard the old saying “God doesn’t make any junk?”

I’m here to tell you that it is absolutely truth.

When you begin to put the self-doubting aside and begin proclaiming your victory, great things will begin to change in your life.

Whether it be you seeing an increase in your business, the attitude in which you interact with people, your levels of self-confidence, and a host of other amazing things which will bless your mind beyond belief.

Take The Breaking FREE Challenge

I want to encourage each of you to take the “Breaking FREE” challenge.

I want you to get a journal or notebook that you can write down the things that scare you or make you fearful of being successful.

Then I want you to begin each day claiming your victory by making a statement like “I am a winner and God made me to be victorious.”

I don’t care how you think it sounds right now. What I do want you to experience is how the power of positive thinking and believing can have a direct impact upon your life, your business, and you being able to be taking control of the things that have caused you to be fearful.

Changing The Dynamics

Once you begin repeating the quote from above on a daily basis, then start to make some other changes in your life.

Maybe you need to change who you associate yourself with. Maybe you need to increase the number of positive people you hang out with.

Trust me, when you begin hanging around people who are positive and successful, it will begin to rub off on you.

Sure there are certain things that happen in our lives that make us more prone to success, however, there are also things which come before us which can lead us to the level of success that we have only dreamed of.

Taking Control Over Your Fear Is Up To You

You can listen to the most engaging speaker that sparks that little twinkle within your inner person, you can read all the books on the encouragement that make you a walking book of happiness.

Truthfully, at the end of the day, it is about how willing you are to walk through the fog and push through to the other side to experience the level of success that is waiting around the corner for you!

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