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WordPress Media Manager

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Examining The WordPress Media Manager

The WordPress media manager is the one area that many people are still arguing over when it comes to what needs to be in the next major release of WordPress.

WordPress has delivered many enhancements over the past several major releases, however, for the reason the WordPress media manager has seemed to slip through the cracks.

I tend to fall in line with Marcus Couch from WordPress Plugins A to Z, when it comes to my desire to see the core development team start to look in bringing many needed improvements when it comes to effectively managing media within WordPress.

What I struggling to understand is that you can have a parent for a category or page. Yet we have yet to have those type capabilities when it comes to being able to effectively organize anything within the WordPress media manager.

Better Management of Bulk Actions

I know, I’m in my own personal dream world right now. Seriously, though, it shouldn’t be that difficult to take several selected item’s and move them into a special folder based on a category.

While there a few decent plugins that will help bring this level of functionality into the WordPress dashboard, the whole idea is to be a able to complete something that should be a basic part of the WordPress core file without having to rely upon additional plugins.

If you are needing to go the plugin route, then I am going to suggest a very interesting one that I was able to locate on Code Canyon.

WordPress media manager


This would truly be the dream level, at least of myself, and I’m sure several others as well when it comes to being able to better manage media with the WordPress media library.

I know every time we are hearing about a new update to WordPress core, I always get a glimmer of hope built up hoping to hear of this feature being included.

Since Matt Mullenweg has indicated that the release cycle for this year’s updates will slow down, I’m already disappointed, as I know that this will be placed on the back shelf once again.

Staying Competitive In The CMS Playing Field

Having utilized several other major Content Management Systems, this is one feature that already exists within the core applications.

Some may be asking “well, if there is a plugin to work this out, why not use it?” Simple, I want to reserve my amount of plugins that are dedicated to delivering greater functionality to my site.

I am not looking to add more to add functionality to my CMS, which in my opinion, should already have this level of functionality built in.

Why All The Fuss Over The WordPress Media Manager

Myself along with Marcus Couch and several others share the same opinion. This truly should have been an element that you would think that the core development team would have placed a little more focus on.

After all, if one of the selling points of utilizing WordPress as the leading CMS, shouldn’t at the very least the media library be one of the largest areas of focus to be able to proclaim that victory?

Unless you have never had the opportunity of taking over a client site who has thousands of pictures, you will never have a full understanding of this.

If you could change the WordPress media manager, what would be some of the areas you would bring up-to-date?

Share them with me below. I would love to hear more about them!




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